Barking Dog in Reno?

This issue of a barking dog can be a real test of 'neighborly' relations, as the last thing you want is a letter of complaint from the homeowner's association claiming that your dog barking has become the scourge of the neighborhood. In principle 'Happy Dogs Don't Bark' unless they've been encouraged to from an early age, so with this in mind it's important to find out what's causing your dog to be unhappy.

Reasons Why Your Reno Dog May Bark

  • To call the pack back
  • If they feel unsafe
  • Out of excitement or frustration
  • To warn intruders or passersby to go away
  • If they're hungry for nutrients
  • If they've been encouraged to

When we I meet with a Reno dog with a barking issue, I look at treating the source of the problem holistically, the reason WHY the dog is barking. There is little to be gained from just addressing the symptom alone. With a thorough investigation of the dog and its surroundings, I am able to modify the behavior and completely cure the barking using our unique Bark Busters Reno dog training system.

As a Bark Busters Reno dog trainer, I can help you stop a barking dog!

For further information and to find out how we can help cure your dog's barking

Call Katherine at 1-877-500-BARK (2275) or e-mail Katherine directly

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