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I was in tears when I called Bark Busters. My 5 month old puppy who I got from a so called breeder 2 weeks ago had never been trained in anything. But yesterday Katherine Simkins, Trainer, showed me how to stop Mollys continuous barking when I left the room. I can walk both dogs using only their regular collars, not the chain or spike collars I was using. I am 100% sold on this way of training. Thank you for saving Mollys life.
Donna H., Sparks, Nevada 21st December 2014

Katherine was amazing. Patient and knowledgeable . I was really impressed when after the first visit she called the next morning wanting to know if I had any questions!! I would dread it when people were coming over because they would jump and bark. Not now.!!! And it so simple and quick to get a positive response. We are very happy with Katherine and all that she has taught us.
Joanne F., Reno, Nevada 9th May 2014

We had picked out Remi at the Humane Society. She is a beautiful 4 1/2 year old Pointer. For the most part she minded well and was housebroken, but she wanted to chase our cats. So we looked for some training for her rather than have to return her. The Humane Society had provided a list of trainers to contact. I chose Katherine because it said she came to the home. We booked a Saturday morning visit. Katherine arrived on time and began her training by speaking to us. During the session she explained how and what dogs respond to and then she began training us on how to train Remi. After the session, I took Remi out for her first Post Training walk and the difference was amazing! Prior to training, Remi was on an expandable leash and roaming everywhere, but always came back when called. She would chase after birds, rabbits and the odd noise. Now she walks next to me! And likes it! She responded so well to the training (as we did, as well) that the transformation is amazing. I never thought it could be so easy to work with a dog and have them understand so easily what was expected of them. Remi isn't quite to the point of totally ignoring the cats, but she doesn't go looking for them nearly as much and responds when growled at to come running. Katherine was patient with Remi and my wife and I and got us all in tune with the training. Remi had spent more time with me, so getting her to respond to my wife was important. Now, Remi responds to my wife and I in the same manner. We are very pleased with Remi's progress, Katerine's methods, and Remi seems to be enjoying life even more in her forever home!
Ilo G., Reno, Nevada 15th April 2014
Trainer's Comments
It's always a pleasure to meet and educate dog owners who are committed to having a happy, well behaved dog!

Katherine has been a wonderful asset to our household and the training of our dog, Arnold. He has improved immensely in the short span of time since we began training. I would highly recommend Katherine and her training services with Bark Busters. She has been more than accommodating, extremely knowledgable, and very pleasant work with.
Katee W., Reno, Nevada 6th December 2013

After moving to Reno in September from opposite ends of the country, my boyfriend and I struggled to introduce our dogs and maintain a peaceful household. We quickly decided to seek professional help, and spoke to multiple trainers in the area. Katherine was by far the friendliest and most helpful trainer I talked to. She came to our rescue in early October with the perfect tools and guidance to teach us how help our dogs. She has been such a wonderful resource. I would recommend Katherine and Bark Busters to every dog parent!
Emma L., Reno, Nevada 15th November 2013

It has been about two years since Katherine Simkins came to our home. Back then we had dogs that would rush the front door barking wildly at visitors. They would chase the cats, even bark at them from a distance. The moment they would have the chance they would run off. These are just a few examples of the challenges we were facing.---Even with the first training session we saw improvements. She came out to check up on us and we learned even more. Simply using the techniques consistently that we learned from Katherine has changed our lives. The dogs are well behaved in every aspect. They even let the cats walk right by and do nothing. They sit quietly while I answer the door. And the rescue dog I have is even much more confident and relaxed.---We are so pleased with the results we have had that we recommend Katherine without hesitation to anyone that wants a happy, well-behaved dog.
Kristen Alexander, Sparks 15th October 2009

Just wanted to touch base with you. So very happy with what our dogs have learned (and especially me). Maggie Mae still barks when someone comes to the door but knows to stop and sit in her spot. She will stay now until released, so proud! Sully still has a little harder time staying but knows to sit and wait. Maggie Mae had a summer of going on trips and has gotten so much better with her barking at people. I walk her at least 5x's a week and she does 90% of the walk without a leash and always listens to commands. Sully gets walked 2-3 times a week and has gotten soooo much better. It's actually a joy to walk him now. He will always have issues with other dogs but at least I can get his attention and divert him from disaster. He walks next to me when told and when told "good boy" realizes that it's a good thing and just wants to please. I have Maggie Mae in the front yard with me everyday and she has learned to let the kids in the neighborhood come up to her or in the yard without barking and loves playing ball with them.---They will never be perfect, but the tools you have given me have made such a difference and I Thank You for that.
Jan D., Cold Springs 24th September 2009

We were shocked at the improvement so far! We have researched other in-home trainers and they always had methods we didn't agree with. Not the case with Bark Busters!
Scott & Gina M., Sparks 5th December 2008

Katherine not only explained the methods but explained why we were doing the methods. There was drastic improvement. It is the only thing we have found that actually works for both dogs. She made it fun to train rather than a chore. It helped get everyone involved. I was wary at first, but honestly, I couldn't be happier about it.
Amanda P., Reno 3rd December 2008

Amazing -- noticeable results after only 1 lesson! Very easy to learn and follow.
Lisa E., Reno 29th November 2008

Katherine is great to work with.
Bob L., Reno 7th September 2008

Katherine made us feel comfortable which reflected the actions of the dog. The second visit re-enforced our 1st training day. As we were the ones being trained, I found a lot of what I knew was correct and learned valuable new things.
Mike C., Sparks 10th July 2008

The training techniques were explained very well and easy to understand. Our dog's behavior was different by the end of the first lesson. I'm sure in a month he will be a completely different dog. I'll leave Katherine's card with my neighbor (hopefully they will use it). Thanks for all the help!
Jason D., Reno 5th June 2008

I couldn't believe how Koda's mannerism changed in such a short time. It was amazing! I think its wonderful that there is a training technique that doesn't use treats, but rather uses praise. I am so pleased with the results that I have seen in the past few days. I can't wait for our next session!
Matt & Chelsea D., Reno 1st June 2008

Katherine-you are the best super-dog nanny ever! Thank you so much! It's working - and in such a short time - it's astounding!
Sylvia A., Reno, NV, Reno 15th May 2008

It was very helpful to understand the dog mentality, it really brought everything together. It is so nice to be able to calmly control Lola's barking. Before, we would get so frustrated and had no clue what to do.
Mike & Brianne J., Reno 9th May 2008

We've seen great progress that makes us believers in the method. Most barking has definitely been busted! Our boys are like 2 new dogs!
Shelly & Chad N., Reno 5th April 2008

I think this method of training is so much better than physically discipling one's pet and hurting them rather than helping to change their behavior. Katherine made it very enjoyable and was very knowledgeable in the course of the training. We really had a blast working together with her. Granted we still have a ways to go with our training. My husband and I noticed immediate results in our dogs behavior. She was very thorough in her explanation and gave us many opportunities to try out the techniques while she was here. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters to any and all of my friends that have problems training their dogs. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions, training, tips and techniques.
Guadalupe P., Sparks 3rd April 2008

We are amazed!!!
Alice & Bill S., Sparks 25th March 2008

This has been a most gratifying experience. Henry is responding better than we could imagine. I couldn't be more pleased as to how my dog is responding!
Madeline D., Sparks 21st March 2008

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