Customer Reviews of Bark Busters Home Dog Training Reno NV

We love the positive reinforcement techniques. Katherine made us feel at ease and comfortable! Thank you for the tools to make our family safe and happy!
Becky B., Reno 17th March 2008

We look forward to many happy years with Gus.
Fred H., Reno 27th February 2008

Excellent! Katherine is wonderful!
Kaati G., Reno 27th February 2008

Excellent program and instructor. We like our dog again! Thank you.
Sara M., Reno 9th February 2008

Katherine is an excellent trainer! She addressed all issues, and I found her to be understanding of the differences between a female "pack leader" versus a male "pack leader." Thank You!
Cheryl S., Reno 8th February 2008

Koko would run away if she got out to the front yard, only to come back a 1/2 hour or so later. The very next day after training we took her out front with the kids to play in the snow. Using the techniques we learned just the day before, we were able to keep her near us. If she got too far(or started to think about going too far) we'd growl at her and she came right back. It was wonderful to all be outside playing and not end up furious because she ran away. Thank you!
Susanne Moyle, Reno 31st January 2008

Katherine was just awesome! In just a few hours, she helped us turn Izzy's behavior around.
Penny Williamson, Reno 23rd October 2007

Katherine was friendly and patient. The techniques were very effective; Chance changed his entire behavior quickly!
Amber Little, Reno 26th June 2007

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